Why Wooden Toys? 5 reasons to present wooden toys as a gift for Kids.

Why Wooden Toys? 5 reasons to present wooden toys as a gift for Kids.

Gone are the days when our children's bedrooms were crammed with our old favorite toys. It's all about the latest technology and gadgets these days, and it's taking up all of their free time. However, those wooden toys you used to love as a child will never go out of style. They're charming, timeless, and simply lovely to look at, but if you really need more reasons, here are our top 5:

They Are Much Stronger Than Plastic Toys

Have you ever witnessed a toddler carefully placing their kid's items back into their toy box? No, neither have we. Instead, they'll be dispersed across the bedroom carpet, concealing in the side yard, and there'll be just several stuck here between sofa cushions. We can't really hold this irresponsible behavior responsible, but we can buy gifts that can. Plastic toys break because they become brittle over time, whereas wooden toys can endure natural wear for very much longer. As a result, they are the ideal gift that would last a lifetime.

They Are Safer Than Plastic Toys

According to this study, a child in the United Kingdom will receive nearly £500 in toys over the course of a year. They're an essential part of a child's development, and with many toys at their disposal, you need to make sure they're free of harmful chemicals. Woodgrain toys do not present the same level of risk as-synthesized toys.

A few plastic toys comprise a chemical mixture that could end up trying to pose more risk than they really are worth. We take pride in being able to provide quality and safe products, such as wooden toys made with child-safe paints, stains, and lacquers. Allow ones daring adventurer to wander with their wooden in hand, so you'll be at ease.

They Implement More Creative Play

Nothing is more potent than a child's imagination. One advantage of giving them wooden toys rather than bits of plastic is that it encourages their creativity. Whereas plush dolls get more characteristics, designs, and sounds, wooden toys force children to use their fantasies to find a new way to play with them. It will pique their sense of curiosity while also assisting in the movement, issue abilities, muscle control, social skills, and many other skills.

kid playing with wooden toys

The Effect On The Environment Is Better

One of the best aspects of wooden toys seems to be that they could be eco-friendly. In a world plagued by climate change, pollution, and ever-increasing carbon emissions, you can help the environment by opting for a more sustainable alternative. It's an excellent way to teach your children about these problems, especially since plastic toys don't often decompose but will most probably break before they can be recycled.   wooden toys are made of the highest better materials and do not use any harmful chemicals in the manufacturing process, thereby safeguarding the environment for the future generation.

They Can Be Transmissible Down The Generations

At My 1st Years, we believe in giving unique keepsakes which can be treasured for a lifetime rather than cheap, disposable toys that will inevitably end up in the trash. That's why we adore our selection of wooden toys that truly last a lifetime. The best part is that when they outgrow the toy, they can eventually pass it down to one‘s siblings as well as even their own children. From model trains to a wooden kitchen, you're likely to find a classic gift they'll treasure for years.

What Qualities Should You Look for in Wooden Toys?

Don't just purchase any wooden toy you see in a store or on the internet. Always look for products made of solid wood. Composite and pressed wood products may contain formaldehyde-containing glues or adhesives. To avoid lead or toxic coatings, choose unpainted or undiagnosed wooden toys. Although there are regulations that limit or prohibit the use of these dangerous substances, purchasing a natural wooden toy ensures that your child will not be exposed to these or other dangerous substances.


You now understand why you should select wooden toys as a Christmas gift for children. Why not give wooden toys for children a try? This Christmas, the child receiving the gift deserves a safe, creative, and high-quality toy.

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