Are Wooden Toys good for kids? advantages and disadvantages of wooden toys

Are Wooden Toys good for kids? advantages and disadvantages of wooden toys

Are you looking for Wooden as well as Plastic Toys but aren't sure which one to get, especially in terms of safety? This post will try comparing both types to assist you in determining which type is excellent for you. Let's get started. Here I am going to describe the Advantages and Disadvantages of Wooden Toys.

The Benefits of Wooden Toys

Durability / Longevity

Because Traditional, as well as Durable Wooden Toys, are less probable to be mass-produced than Plastic Toys, Skilled Craftsmen usually take more care to make sure that the final product is of a good standard (without defects). As a result, wooden toys tend to be older than their plastic counterparts. You can also take into account the added benefit of saving money by passing on these wooden to your next kid.


When you purchase toys made entirely of wood, you understand that toxic components were not used in their manufacture. Not only is good for the environment (they don't require batteries or software, and if they do break, they're safe for landfills and will degrade without releasing toxins), but it's also better for your child's health if they suck on their toys.

Increase Imagination

Although electronic children's toys have their advantages, child development experts believe that some more conventional toys, such as made of wood baby toys, play an important role in a child's development.

kids playing with wooden toys

They not only start encouraging imagination in which the toys have been designed to be simpler, but they also help to boost attention spans without using fancy electronics.

Simple to Maintain

Wooden toys are typically quite simple in their physical aspects, with a few smooth surfaces that can be easily wiped down as needed. Because even though plastic can really be wiped, cheap plastic frequently loses its appearance as well as shape after a long period of play.

Over Time, Relatively Cheaper

Although some plastic toys are inexpensive, they rarely last long. Wooden toys are comparatively inexpensive when compared to more complex alternatives, as well as the product you'll receive is of great value because they're durable – even with the abuse that some babies will subject them to – implying that their value increases over the product's long lifespan.


Even the most basic wooden baby toys can become more educational than toys claiming to be the best in this category. For example, wooden blocks or slot-in puzzle shapes can aid in the development of hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, and other skills. Your child does not need complex electronic parts to learn these important skills.


There's more to it than just providing your baby with natural foods. Not only is it nutritious and more ecologically friendly (as previously stated), but it also has a connection with nature – a tree. As your child touches and smells the wooden baby toys, he or she will sense this.

The Drawbacks of Wooden Toys

Upfront costs are higher.

The higher production costs (e.g., wood from responsibly sourced, safe adhesives, and paintings) frequently result in a higher selling value for Wooden Toys when tried to compare to Plastic Toys. The initial cost can be high because parents are likely to buy a lot to pamper the child.

Containing Small Parts / Harmful

Wooden toys are typically more durable than plastic toys, making it easier for kids to injure themselves others or when they're not cautious. Chewing on wooden toys can cause splinters in a child's mouth or the swallowing of tiny pieces of wood. However, if you shop wisely, you should have no worries while almost all made of wooden toys are designed with security in mind.


After prolonged exposure to moisture and insufficient ventilation, wooden toys may begin to grow mold. They are easily removed with a solution of water & vinegar. Likewise, make sure that almost all toys and games are completely dry in between use. You also can teach your older child how to clean his or her toys.

Color Fading / Scratches

To improve the appearance of wooden toys, they are frequently coated with safe paint or oil. As a result, the making of the wood toy will end up losing its true color over time and will most likely have a few scratch marks. This does not imply that now the toy is no longer possible to play with, but rather that your child may be more interested in another toy. However, as a parent, you can use this opportunity to get us some safe acrylic paint as well as engage your kid in re-painting toys using their imagination.


Here I am going to describe the Advantages and Disadvantages of Wooden Toys. At the close of the day, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to selecting a wooden or plastic toy for your kid. The best choice you can end up making for your kid is to choose toys that are both affordable and safe for your kid at his or her right age. As your children grow older, more options become available to them. Just be cautious and always read the label to see what the toys have been made of, whether they are made of wood as well as plastic.


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