What toys are best for infants? 5 Toys that infants like

What toys are best for infants? 5 Toys that infants like

Babies are at a transitional stage around eight months old, when they can sit on their own and begin to explore their surroundings. 7 to 8-Month-Olds' Favorite Toys are quite active because they like exploring, crawling, and discovering new things (often by putting objects in their mouth). This age is ideal for introducing toys that will aid in their growth as they hit new milestones.

What should an 8-month-old infant be doing?

The word "ought to" is difficult to understand. Every infant is unique, just like every adult, and not every newborn will fit into the same schedule.

(This is typical, so don't worry.) However, if you are concerned about anything concerning your child, consult with your doctor. That's why physicians exist.)

Having said that, here's what you could anticipate an 8-month-old infant to do:

  • Being inquisitive. They would like to touch, test, and scrutinize everything. It's time for a full inspection!
  • They're in motion. They may not constantly be crawling, but they are moving in that direction. They may be able to pull themselves up to a eminence situation as well.
  • Getting into shape. Picking items up, slamming them together, then tossing them.
  • They see something they desire and will go grab it. If they see a toy from across the room, they'll go there. Their grasp of space – mobility, near and far, item permanence – has advanced considerably.

What toys are appropriate for 8-month-old babies?

Toys for 8-month-old children are ones that your child can use securely. This includes no loose or little components that a baby may choke on, as well as no lengthy portions that they could wrap around their necks.

But, speaking of safety, the infant has begun to crawl. That means, aside from toys, it's important to perform some babyproofing. Meanwhile, here are some of the greatest 8-month-old development toys:

What are the finest toys for a baby of 8 months?

Crawling Balls

The baby is on the go. Big, colorful, and brilliant balls that really can move and create noises are ideal companions for a baby's adventure throughout the house.

Baby strollers

If babies can already stand on their own, a push walker (rather than a walker they may sit in, which might be unsafe) can provide hours of fun. They often have buttons to press, rattles, musical jingles, as well as other entertaining features.

Things that is chewy.

Once again, we'll repeat what we said before. Expect everything the infant comes into contact with to eventually wind up in their mouth. Teething toys are helpful at this age because they can alleviate the pain of teething.

Block stacking

Toy blocks are indeed a wonderful toy for children of all ages. The best are useful for more than just stacking. They may also include numerals, mirrors, keys, peek-a-boo surprises, and rattles. They may be the ideal infant toy.

kid stacking blocks


The more basic the item, the more imaginative your eight-month-old maybe with it. Balls are a good example because they may be tossed, rolled, and bitten. Soft spiked ones are ideal for sensory stimulation and are easy for infants to take up.

Commonplace items

Almost anything in the house will pique Baby's interest. Tupperware, brushes, & (plastic!) cups are all good examples.

How many toys must an 8-month-old have?

There are no optimal amount of toys for just an 8-month-old infant or any other age baby. You don't need to worry regarding quantity if they can explore, keep occupied and entertained, and socialize with other users (oh, and have plenty to chew on!).


We asked the specialists (a physician, a speech therapist, and an early childhood development specialist) what to look for when looking for toys for 7- to 8-month-olds, as well as any of their favorites. We also combed the to Expecting community of thousands of families for toys that their children enjoyed playing with it and learning from. Finally, we paid particular attention to internet product reviews to ensure that these toys were suitable for both newborns and their parents.

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