What is cognitive development? 8 Best toys that boost Cognitive Development in Kids

What is cognitive development? 8 Best toys that boost Cognitive Development in Kids

This is a Portion series on the obvious advantages of play for kids with special needs. In this post, we will look at how toys as well as the experience of playing can aid in cognitive development.

Toys and also the advancement of gross and fine motor skills were the focus of Part One.

Section 2 of the series was about physical growth and the role of fine motor skills.

We talked about emotional development in the third installment of the series.

In most cases, the concept of play is helpful in encouraging a child's growth, learning, development, and wellbeing. People are often unaware of how important play is for their physical, emotional, and cognitive growth.

Cognitive skills are practiced and promoted beginning in infancy, just as gross but also fine motor function, and emotional development are. Getting the confidence, learning decision-making skills, and developing critical thinking skills that children need for adulthood come from playing.

Developing Cognitive Skills

Natural inquisitiveness is part of the child's makeup, and he or she is always learning about the world around them. As they all discover new sounds, objects, and noises, they will all be entertained. Through dress-up, board games, and active play, children can develop their cognitive skills such as processing information, reasoning, remembering, and expressing emotions.

As children develop and acquire new cognitive abilities, they seem to be able to integrate this same new with the old, thereby expanding their understanding and knowledge. The Latin etymology of learning and memory means to know.  Perhaps this is why children ask many questions in order to know everything? Listed below are some toys that may be useful to children in achieving critical cognitive milestones and answering some of their many questions.

8 Cognitive Development Toys:

NogginStik by SmartNoggin

NogginStik is a toy that concentrates on skills that children need in their early developmental stages. In addition to promoting auditory attention and sensory stimulation, this rattle-like product helps children develop their grasping abilities. Whenever the NogginStik is touched or shaken, different colors of a soft glow light change. Children can practice eye movements with the lights, forming the neuropathways that aid in the development of reading skills.

Educational Insights Magic Moves

There are 90 exciting commands with the Magic Moves wand as well as 26 musical tunes, as well as light shows that can be triggered by the music. You can also experience actions like Freeze, March, and Let's go when using the Magic Moves broom, in between the other actions.  During play, auditory, visual, and kinesthetic stimulation is used to provide fundamental learning.

Little Tikes 6-in-1 City Center Playhouse

Children can use their imaginative play skills to pretend to be at a gas station, a café, a gym, and more! The playhouse is large enough for a large group of children to play as well as explore.

Activity cards by Ready Set Resources called Bright and Beyond

Using simple, everyday products found around the house, these activity cards encourage cognitive skills, motor function, language skills, self-esteem, and sensory awareness. The cards seem to be sturdy and laminated, and each activity is illustrated with helpful illustrations as well as simple instructions. The Bright and Beyond Action Cards provide children with enjoyable, interactive experiences.

  1. Toys' Pop Arty

You can create bracelets, necklaces, rings, and other items for creative play with Pop Arty's 500 snap-together beads in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. To begin learning about an order, sequence, and prediction, has children make regularly occurring trends with the beads. This toy provides children with endless opportunities to explore but also create!

Focus Education's ifocus on Jungle Rangers

ifocus Jungle Rangers is a game that uses memory and recall techniques, sequencing, and other techniques to improve a child's focus and attention. Jungle Rangers introduces children to interactive characters who teach them how to play each segment of the game. The kids do not choose their own level; instead, the games recognize their ability and advance them when they are ready. The games are appealing to kids who already appreciate video games, but they are also appealing to kids who do not normally play them!

dazzle's Scramble Squares

Easy To Play, But Difficult To Solve says the game. Children must try to influence the squares to complete nine matching designs. Scramble Squares is indeed a great game to work your way up to by beginning with fewer pieces or even inventing new games to play, such as memory!

Speed Stacks is a product developed by Speed Stacks, Inc.

Speed Stacks are ideal for playing alone, in a group, or against a friend. Speed Stacks test a child's motor and cognitive skills and be able by requiring them to stack as well as unstack as quickly as possible.


As children grow their cognitive development changes and is more complex. During a child's first years of life, he will develop trillions of thinking abilities known as neural synapses (Scholastic.com). Providing opportunities for children to explore but also interact with their surroundings through toys as well as play will inspire those brain cells to communicate and "wire" their brains as they move into adults.

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